The President’s Message

President Boakai’s Statement 

Welcome to the digital home of the Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority (LPRA). As President of Liberia, I invite you to join us in tapping into Liberia’s frontier hydrocarbon basin, an untapped potential in the global energy landscape. 

Our vision integrates robust socio-economic development with lucrative investment opportunities for our partners in the oil and gas industry. Under my administration, we commit to fostering an environment where investment thrives. We ensure that all operations in the oil & gas sector adhere to the highest ethical standards and are guided by both Liberian laws and international best practices.  This commitment extends to strict enforcement of contracts and protection of all stakeholder interests, providing a stable and favorable setting for investment.

Key to our national agenda is reviving oil exploration to drive socio-economic progress. We are keen to partner with “Best-in-Class” companies—those recognized for their financial robustness, technical expertise, and responsible corporate conduct, including environmental conservation and community engagement.

To the people of Liberia, the path to becoming an oil-producing nation is filled with both challenges and opportunities. It demands patience, informed participation, and dedication. I have entrusted the LPRA’s leadership to effectively navigate this journey along with every Liberian and trust that the leadership will deliver.  

This platform is not just a call to explore but to build lasting prosperity and ensure sustainable development through strategic collaboration in our oil and gas sector. Let us unite to transform Liberia’s oil potential into reality, fostering growth and success for every Liberian. Together, let’s champion our country’s potential and stride towards a future rich in success and sustainability in oil and gas production.