The Director’s Message

Welcome Remarks by the Director-General:

Welcome to the official website of the Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority (LPRA). As the Director-General, I am excited to invite you to navigate the website, read about the LPRA, and remain engaged.  Liberia is open for business, and we are committed to fostering a transparent environment for oil and gas business. Our governance framework is intentionally crafted to attract and nurture local and international investments, offering attractive conditions for investors seeking to explore and grow with us.

At the LPRA, we pride ourselves on adherence to a stringent regulatory and favorable fiscal regime that ensures a level playing field while protecting the interests of all parties. We operate transparently, ethically, and with the highest standards of integrity; believing these qualities are essential for the trust required to establish and maintain valuable partnerships.

We encourage collaboration between international oil companies and local Liberian companies, including the National Oil Company of Liberia, to ensure that the benefits of Liberia’s nascent oil and gas sector are widespread and contribute significantly to Liberia’s socio-economic development.

As we stand on the brink of discoveries, the LPRA is poised to usher in an era of prosperity by effectively harnessing Liberia’s hydrocarbon resources. Our website is designed to serve as a valuable resource for oil companies, oil services companies, independents, and other national oil companies looking to engage with Liberia’s oil and gas sector. Detailed information on upcoming bid rounds, direct negotiation processes, and prequalification procedures, as well as our regulations, policies, and projects are comprehensively outlined to guide and facilitate your investment decisions. We invite you to explore these resources to understand how you can contribute to and benefit from the sustainable development of Liberia’s oil and gas industry.

Aligned with President Boakai’s ARREST agenda, we are dedicated to using the revenues generated from our operations to fund critical national needs. This includes improving our educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and energy infrastructure, and ensuring food security and a better life for every Liberian.

Kindly explore our website, find our Frequently Asked Questions, and learn more about the LPRA. Our leadership team spends time reading feedback and opinions from the public and will be waiting to read your feedback through the feedback section.

Thank you!