Org Chart and Divisions

Organizational Chart and Divisions of LPRA

Divisions of LPRA

The Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority (LPRA) is structured into two main divisions: the Technical Division and the Finance and Administration Division. Each division is led by a Deputy Director and encompasses various departments with specific functions.

Technical Division

The technical division is headed by the Deputy Director for Technical Services. The Technical Division is responsible for all technical aspects of Liberia’s petroleum sector, from exploration to production. It includes the following departments:

  1. Exploration Department: Focuses on resource assessment, licensing, and exploration license management.
  2. Development and Production Department: Manages the petroleum value chain from the declaration of commercial discovery to the removal of installations.
  3. Data Management Department: assumes full responsibility for the national petroleum database and long-term data repository management.
  4. Safety and Environment Department: Addresses regulatory issues related to health, safety, security, and environmental standards within the petroleum sector.

 Finance and Administration Division

The finance and administration division is headed by the Deputy Director General for Finance and Administration. This division handles the financial, administrative, and support functions of LPRA. It ensures that all financial operations adhere to governmental policies and facilitates efficient administrative support. It includes:

  1. Finance Department: Manages financial operations, including budgeting, financial reporting, and audit coordination.
  2. Human Resources Department: Oversees recruitment, staff development, and personnel management.
  3. IT Department: responsible for the management of information technology systems across LPRA.
  4. General Administration: Handles day-to-day administrative tasks, facilities management, and logistic support.

Each department within these divisions plays a crucial role in supporting LPRA’s mission to regulate and promote Liberia’s petroleum resources effectively.