Department of Technical Services

The Department of Technical Services is responsible for leading the Authority’s program on geophysical assessment and data management, evaluation for areas to be included in bid rounds, health, safety and environment management, exploration drilling including regulating international oil companies, etc. Headed by the Deputy Director-General, the department ideally contains two major units, the biz, exploration unit, and the HSE (Health Safety and Environment) unit.

Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities
Managing the geological, geophysical, engineering, and HSE programs of the Authority, the specific tasks of the department shall include the following:
• Design a system and program for evaluating areas to be included in the bid round whenever such is approved by the Board and the President;
• Coordinate the Authority’s supervision of petroleum data management by issuing technical guidance and advising the DG adequately on the risks and opportunities with actions of either TGS or NOCAL
• Represent the Authority at all technical presentations of petroleum data, planned drilled campaigns, changes to well programs, etc
• Serve as official representatives of the Authority during exploration drilling by making periodic visits to drill rigs and other petroleum installation
• Coordinate and supervise geological assessment for data acquisition, processing, and management towards promoting the Liberia basin
• Conduct HSE inspections and audits of all drilling operations including review of well programs and advising on the environmental and safety components
• Advise the DG on critical geological and geophysical information which impacts the Authority’s programs
• Perform any tasks as may be required by the DG