113th mayor of Egovenz City, re-elected on Jun 23 2014.

Our City is the headquarters of the eGovenz District. It was bifurcated from the composite Egoven District in the year 1980. Egovenz is a Best City Government WordPress Theme.
Randon Pexson
Mayor of the City

Mayor's Priorities:

Health & Sport
Our health care department helps to prevent, control, eliminate and eradicate diseases.
Business & Economy
Our vision is to empower the private sector and support small and medium enterprises.
Police & Crime
Our police department implementing effective strategies to reduce crime and disorder.
Our Mission

Providing The Best Results

Our City Mission will focus on strengthening the industry. Get Egovenz the Best City Government WordPress Theme today.


Our Vision

We Are Prepared For Future

Our Egovenz City Vision is to improvie national security, prevent pandemic and building a climate resilience portal .


News and Publications

These are articles about our City. You will Know more about Egovenz City through these articles.

Discover our lovely and vibrant Places

Experience the Tradition, Great and the Natural Beauty of the City

For Business

There are many areas that are apt for small and big businesses, with a business-friendly climate, and a great quality of life.

For Visitors

Whether you want to enjoy nature or city, go near or far, there are multiple places in our city for you.

For Residents

Our City's multiple areas are considered as the world's best places to live due to their best climate and nature.

Helplines and Emergency




Fire Service