Department of Operation

Headed by a Deputy Director-General, the department is generally responsible for information communication technology (ICT) and general services (GS). While there is a thin line between general services and procurement, the department roles are clearly defined herein. Its programs are coordinated and managed through two significant units- IT and general services.

Powers, Duties and Responsibilities

In an attempt to skirt any ambiguity and potential conflict with other departments, which could lead to usurpation of functions in the future, the department will conduct the following specific tasks:

• Advise the DG and senior management team on all IT equipment and softwares that are useful for smooth operations of the Authority
• Coordinate the purchase of ICT equipment by issuing a list of computers, printers and other softwares/applications to be procured by the department of administration
• Manage the supply of reliable and efficient electricity to the main offices of the Authority and ensure that power sources (generator) are maintained in a manner that creates an enabling working environment. 
• Take delivery of all items that have been purchased by procurement (administration) and make proper distribution as indicated in the procurement plan or as may be required.
• Managed all assets of the Authority including office equipment, furniture’s, vehicles, etc and keep tract of these through an asset registry that is updated regularly
• Following the consummation of an agreement with a vendor for the supply of gasoline and communication cards by the procurement unit, the department will be responsible to ensure timely distribution of gasoline, communication cards and other items captured under the employees’ benefits
• Coordinate the development of the Authority’s website and ensure proper management including content upload, protection and security.

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