Archie N. Donmo

Honorable Archie Donmo is an astute banker and debt management economist with over 18 years of top management and professional experience in the private and public sectors. He graduated from the University of Liberia with a BSc degree in economics and possesses several certifications in credit management., debt profiling, debt stock analysis, public debt management, institutional management and growth, contracts negotiation, etc.
He served in many capacities within Ecobank commencing at Branch Head of operations, Branch Manager, Head of Consumer Bank Unit, to Head of Operations Control for the entire Ecobank Liberia operations, managing assets, processes, and systems. He served in this capacity until his preferment by the President of Liberia to serve as Assistant Minister for EXTERNAL Resources at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, a position that allowed him to supervise, advise and manage the government debit portfolio as well as solicit and attract foreign aid to the country.
Honorable Donmo possesses unparalleled administrative and leadership skills from his experience managing over 70 staff within the Ecobank and 200 at the ministry of finance and development planning. He understands contracts review and development, resources mobilization and external negotiation, personnel development and institutional strengthening.
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