Department of Administration

As indicated in the designation, the department of administration handles principally the general administration of the Authority including procurement and human resources related activities. It is headed by the Deputy Director-General for Administration and supported by two key units-procurement and HR.

Powers, Duties and Responsibilities
The department of administration, while leading the charge for HR ad procurement related services, performs the following tasks:
• Supervises the collation of information relating to the development of the Authority’s annual procurement plan and laisse with the Public Procurement Concession Commission for approval of the plan;
• Coordinates the creation of the Authority’s annual workplan by compiling, reviewing and reworking departmental work program;
• Manages all procurement related activities including advertisement of Expression of Interest (EOI), bid review, interviews for new hire, candidates screening and recommendation for selection (whether a vendor or candidates for employment), purchases (including payment to vendor), etc;
• Collects, tracks and properly stores all bio-data information and employees records as may be required under the applicable laws; 
• Processes employees benefits and compensation as approved by the Board or the DG and manage medical insurance as well as social security for employees
• Performs other tasks as may be assigned by the DG

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